MyViamonde is the area of our website specially created for school party leaders, parents of children enrolled in school ski programmes camps, as well as Viamonde staff.

Parents of children enrolled in a school ski programme should contact their child's school directly for the relevant login information.


We are grateful and proud to receive so many letters of thanks and recommendation from party leaders, whose groups we have looked after.

Thanks so much for organizing yet another spectacular trip. Everything went very smoothly and we all had a fabulous time. As usual, Viamonde’s attention to detail and the outstanding staff was the major determinant in the success of our trip. We all adored the counsellors, who had a fabulous balance of fun and structure.

It was evident from the high degree of motivation, sense of achievement and genuine happiness amongst the students that the tour was a truly successful learning experience for all. Please extend my thanks to the ski counsellors who worked so hard to make our week so great!

I am very impressed by the counsellors’ impeccable behaviour and appearance. I am very pleased with the safety standards, instructors’ involvement in teaching, interaction with the children, motivating them and giving them a fun experience. Thank you!

First let me say thank you for a great week. All of Viamonde’s personnel were excellent and always approached their responsibilities professionally and thoroughly. They quickly took care of all our needs, including our exceptional health problems. In fact all the counsellors worked so hard, I never worried about the students. The food was also excellent, healthy and tasty.

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Round-the-clock supervision and a full programme of activities

The exact programme of activities will always be discussed with the party leader in advance to ensure its suitability for the group and reflect his or her own priorities or aims for the trip.

A typical daily schedule would be as follows:

07:30 Counsellors wake up the children and help the chaperones prepare them for a day on the mountain.
08:15 A substantial breakfast is served in the dining room, followed by announcements, including the weather forecast for the day.
09:00 Children gather in their counsellor groups to make an equipment and clothing check before heading to the mountain for the important daily warm-up exercises. Generally, the morning, when children are more attentive, will be used to introduce new techniques and follow a more structured lesson plan.
11:00 Brief stop for warm-up drinks and a rest, before continuing the morning's lessons.
12:30 Lunch at a mountain restaurant. Counsellors meet with the programme leader and chaperones to review how every child is progressing.
13:15 After some quick warm-up exercises, counsellor groups return to the slopes. Generally, the afternoons will be used to practice techniques introduced in the morning, while discovering the resort's numerous pistes.
15:00 Brief stop for warm-up drinks and a rest, before continuing the afternoon's skiing and snowboarding.
16:30 Counsellor groups return to the chalet/hotel together, where children will usually have free time. At least one counsellor will be on duty to help the chaperones with supervision and organise suitable activities.
18:30 Dinner is served in the dining room, followed by announcements and the daily awards....the popular "ding-a-lings".
20:00 Evening activities begin, organised and supervised by our counsellors. Typical activities include "counsellor hunt", "mini-Olympics", talent show, torchlight sledding, quiz competition and a disco.
22:00-23:00 Quiet time before our counsellors help the chaperones with room checks and lights-out. At least one counsellor will be on duty throughout the night to assist the chaperones, if required.