Left quote marks Over the years, Viamonde has been the absolutely best organisation I have worked with. Right quote mark
Ann Krake
Left quote marks It is a great responsibility to escort a group of middle school students on a ski trip. It was reassuring for me and the other chaperones to know that our students were well taken care of throughout the day and night. Right quote mark
Ann Haynes
Left quote marks We found every aspect of the trip to be well organised, suited to our needs and loads of fun. I would highly recommend Viamonde's programme to any group seeking a high quality and safe ski trip. Right quote mark
Beverly Sortland
Left quote marks It was evident from the high degree of motivation, sense of achievement and genuine happiness amongst the students that the tour was a truly successful learning experience for all. Please extend my thanks to the ski counsellors who worked so hard to make our week so great! Right quote mark
Linda Holland
Left quote marks I would like to pass on our thanks to you and all the Viamonde staff for the wonderful trip we had in February. Your staff all worked incredibly hard and were extremely patient with all our students. I know that this type of trip can have its problems and I felt that ours were handled in a professional and sympathetic manner. Right quote mark
Bridget Penrose-Lyall
Left quote marks Joe (programme manager) is an outstanding leader - dependable, calm, organised, approachable and fun! Your staff worked very hard and had an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm. Madame Adam is one of a kind - we will look for him on Saturday Night Live! Right quote mark
Ann Lee
Left quote marks Kiko (chef) rocks! He attended all of the evening activities and interacted with the students. Take him out of the kitchen, double his salary and have him spend all day with the kids - they love him! Right quote mark
Dave Fausch
Left quote marks Thank you, Robert, for the excellent team you provided for our children. Right quote mark
Barbara Baylor Porter
Left quote marks I must compliment you on the standard of your service. We are all very excited of the prospect of joining you next year. Right quote mark
Hennie Smit
Left quote marks Thanks so much for organizing yet another spectacular trip. Everything went very smoothly and we all had a fabulous time. As usual, Viamonde’s attention to detail and the outstanding staff was the major determinant in the success of our trip. We all adored the counsellors, who had a fabulous balance of fun and structure. Angus did an amazing job of organization. He made all kinds of arrangements for us – from a billiard night, a pizza night, fondue night, a trip to the pool, as well as having laundry done for us. He was an outstanding trip leader and I hope he will continue to work with our group in future years. Right quote mark
Nicole Hembling
Left quote marks First let me say thank you for a great week. All of Viamonde’s personnel were excellent and always approached their responsibilities professionally and thoroughly. They quickly took care of all our needs, including our exceptional health problems. In fact all the counsellors worked so hard, I never worried about the students. The food was also excellent, healthy and tasty. Right quote mark
Paul Albright
Left quote marks I am very impressed by their (the counsellors) impeccable behaviour and appearance. I am very pleased with the safety standards, instructors involvement in teaching, interaction with the children, motivating them and giving them a fun experience. Thank you! Right quote mark
Kiran Islania