Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Support positions are usually offered only for a full season, which is generally from mid-December to one week after Easter. The majority of programme positions are offered for a half-season, either mid-December to end February or early February to mid-April, however, a number of positions are offered for shorter periods during February – from two to four weeks. In addition, for the strongest applicants with considerable experience, there are a limited number of positions offered for the whole season, i.e. mid-December to mid-April.

All programme staff must have a valid first aid and CPR qualification. Applicants for ski and/or snowboard counsellor positions must have an internationally recognised ski and/or snowboard instructor qualification. Applicants for support positions should show previous relevant experience and a willingness to work in a residential environment. Preference will be given to applicants for chef positions with relevant qualifications, but applicants with proven extensive experience will also be considered.

All employees without Swiss nationality require a work permit before taking up a position with Viamonde. All necessary arrangements will be made by Viamonde to apply for a suitable work permit, but applicants should understand that offers of employment are made subject to a work permit being issued and in the rare circumstance where the authorities reject an application, the offer of employment will be nullified. In addition, employees without Swiss or European Union nationality are also required to obtain a visa to enter Switzerland to take up work. The visa application and any visa fees are the responsibility of the employee and full details of the necessary procedures will be made available to successful applicants.

We are pleased to try and accommodate resort preferences, but an important prerequisite in all positions is flexibility and preference will be shown to those applicants who do not specify a resort preference. Applicants should also understand that it is often necessary for an employee to change resort on one or more occassion during the season and in these circumstances, Viamonde will make all necessary travel arrangements.

Employees are responsible for making and paying for their own travel arrangements to and from our resorts.

All employees receive comprehensive training and assessment. For programme positions, this period is generally one week before employment begins and is unpaid, however, during this period staff will receive full benefits (room and board, accident insurance, etc.). For support positions, training and assessment takes place during the first week of employment and is paid.

We try to schedule staff one day off per week. However, applicants, particularly those applying for programme positions, should understand that in an international camp environment, considerable flexibility is required from staff. During busy periods and when staff are contracted for only a short period, it is not always possible to schedule this time off. During time off, staff receive full benefits (room and board, accident insurance, etc.).

Generally, domestic staff will start work preparing for breakfast at 07:30 and then continue until 12:00 with dishwashing, cleaning guest bedrooms, snow clearing, etc. Evening duties generally start at 16:30 and continue until 20:00. Chefs will have a similar daily schedule. The barman, or domestic staff assigned this resposibilitiy, will generally start work at 15:30 and continue until 12:00-01:00, with some time off during this period. The driver / handyman will have a varied schedule and considerable flexibility is required for this position. It should be understood that duty schedules for support staff vary according to the needs of the clients and on “change-over” days (usually Saturday), support staff will not have any time during the day to ski or snowboard.

Illness insurance is NOT provided by Viamonde, but it is a condition of taking up employment that all staff are suitably insured for illness. Generally, employees in Switzerland must contract their own illness insurance, provided by a Swiss insurer. However, there are some exceptions to this for certain nationalities and certain periods of employment. Full information and support will be provided to employees.

Salaries are paid at the end of each calendar month (or contract period, if sooner), either in cash or by bank transfer.

All staff receive a uniform and in addition, programme staff will receive a first aid kit and mobile telephone. A deposit is required from staff when the uniform and safety equipment are issued and this amounts to CHF 500 in the case of programme staff. In practice, this amount is deducted from the last salary if the uniform and equipment are not returned in good order.

Viamonde does NOT supply ski or snowboard equipment to any staff. Ski and snowboard counsellors are required to have and use their own ski and snowboard equipment. Equipment can be rented at preferential rates (approximately CHF 300-500 for the season, depending on the quality of the equipment) from ski shops in all Viamonde resorts.


Viamonde does not have insurance to cover loss, damage or theft of staff’s personal property, including their ski or snowboard equipment. Staff should, therefore, take out suitable travel insurance to cover such eventualities.

The international schools and families we work with from all over the world demand the very highest standards from our staff. We take this very seriously and expect all staff to be role models and to take pride in their appearance and personal hygiene.


We do not permit staff to reveal tattoos or any piercing other than a discreet ear piercing and hair must always be kept clean and well presented. Dreadlocks must be short, clean and well maintained. Other than the uniform provided, we do not have a specific dress code, but clothes must be appropriate at all times.

All staff are expected to share single-gender bedrooms with other staff. Staff do not share accommodation with the children. Staff rooms have up to eight beds, although are generally for two to four staff. Many staff rooms have en-suite facilities, but some make use of shared showers and toilets. Applicants applying as couples should understand these rooming arrangements as exceptions will not be made.

We require that all programme staff have a valid basic first aid and CPR certificate, issued by a recognised body. The following should be included in the syllabus of the first aid course.

  • Emergency action principals
  • Airway and breathing emergencies (asthma, choking, etc.)
  • Cardiovascular emergencies / strokes
  • CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  • Bleeding management and shock
  • Injuries to the head and spine
  • Injuries to muscles, joints and bones
  • Poisoning
  • Burns and scolds
  • Hypoglycaemia

Suitable courses (typically 8 hours) include those offered by the Red Cross and St. John’s Ambulance.

Whilst clients are staying in the chalet or hotel, visitors are generally not allowed. At other times, visitors are welcome by prior arrangement with the programme manager and accommodation is often available at preferential rates.

This will depend on the programme of evening activities as well as the size of the group, but generally, programme staff will have 2 evenings off each week.

Although we will consider applicants of any age above our minimum for each position, we must take into account the requirements of the schools we work with, the long hours and the living arrangements. We only offer positions to more mature applicants when we are sure that they will be comfortable in the close residential environment we operate in and be able to contribute fully to the programme. We rarely offer programme positions to applicants over 35 or support positions to applicants over 50.