This activity encourages teamwork within the group and promotes creative thinking in the process. Fun and challenging exercises will require imagination, leadership and innovative skills. Whilst acting as a useful icebreaker for both our counsellors and the students, the activities will help students understand the importance of effective verbal communication.

Team Building

This activity takes place either on a natural rock face, or on an artificial structure. Although challenging, both mentally and physically, this activity is safe and can be enjoyed by all levels of ability. Safety equipment will be explained and carefully fitted and adjusted. Depending on the age and experience of the students, supervised belaying will be included in the activity and rappelling can also sometimes be offered.


This activity is a challenging outdoor adventure sport that exercises both the mind and the body. The aim is to navigate to a series of control points marked on an orienteering map, collecting markers and points in the process. Students will be taught the basic map-reading skills required and will be closely supervised throughout the activity, which takes place in teams of 2 or 3.


This activity is carefully structured to firstly introduce the mountain bike, proper riding position, use of brakes, etc. then moves to basic skills, which will be practiced in a controlled environment with the use of ramps and other obstacles and then finishes with a forest trail suitable for all levels of ability, closely supervised at all times.

Mountain Biking

This activity can be included as either a half- or full-day activity and optionally combined with a mountain hut overnight. Often structured with a cable car ride, this activity is challenging, but hugely rewarding when the destination is reached, often a mountain summit with panoramic views. Regular rest stops are included, which provide the ideal opportunity to introduce the mountain flora and fauna which can be found and enjoyed along the route.



This exciting activity requires no previous experience, but is challenging and at times physically demanding. A number of different courses through the trees are available to accommodate different levels of ability. Some courses reach as high as 15m, but all follow the same safety principles. A fixed cable extends the length of each course and students are attached to the cable by means of a fail-safe system, which cannot be removed from the cable and protects the student at all times. Safety equipment will be explained and carefully fitted and adjusted before any student is allowed onto a course and students are carefully monitored from the ground by the course personnel. Courses include rope climbs, cargo nets, hanging logs & tyres as well as Tyrolean descents.

High Ropes

This exciting activity is challenging and at times physically demanding. Combining walking, scrambling, jumping, rappelling and tabFirthteen, canyoning is a popular activity requiring no previous experience. The canyon we use is gently progressive and accessible to all ages and is supervised at all times by highly qualified and experienced guides. A walking path next to the canyon provides easy access throughout the activity and allows for any part of the canyon to be easily avoided. Jumps, rappels, rock slides and a Tyrolean add to the enjoyment. Safety equipment, wetsuits and other protective materiel will be explained and carefully fitted before entering the canyon.



This activity encourages team work within the group and promotes creative thinking in the process. The students will be provided with suitable materials (ropes, pulleys, wood, etc.) and taught basic techniques. Under supervision at all times, the students must work as a team and construct a bridge suitable to allow the team to traverse a divide, usually a small stream. A challenging and fun activity.


Bridge Building

This fun activity usually takes place outdoors and encourages teamwork and physical exercise. A compilation of different sports, many of which will be new to students. Typical sports will include Ultimate Frisbee, “Bum Ball” and “Kin Ball”, but more traditional team sports can also be included.


This very popular and fun activity helps develop balance and can be enjoyed by students who have never tried the activity before. Safety equipment is provided and a safety boat will accompany the SUPs.

Stand-Up Paddle

This activity typically takes place on a suitable lake and puts two students in each kayak. Even complete beginners will be enjoying the experience after a short introduction from the qualified and experienced instructors. Safety equipment is provided and a safety boat will accompany the kayaks.



The largest archive of the Olympic Games in the world, a guided tour of this fabulous interactive museum is a unique experience. Students will learn about the history of the Olympic movement from ancient Greece to the modern Games and how the organisation operates today. The permanent exhibits are designed to let us relive the emotions experienced during the Olympic Games. Through exhibitions of works of art, documents, films and precious objects, the museum pays tribute to the marriage of sport, art and culture which Baron de Coutbertin called Olympism.


Olympic Museum

The stunning 13th century Château de Chillon, right on the shores of Lake Geneva, is considered one of the best-preserved medieval castles in Europe and was immortalised by the poet Lord Byron. A guided tour through the buildings and grounds, including the grand ballroom, great hall, courtyards and bedrooms explains why the Château de Chillon is Switzerland’s most visited historic monument.


Château Chillon

Whilst only a few kilometres of this immense 50km labyrinth can be visited, the guided visit will include the most spectacular parts of the mine and explain the various mining techniques used since the first gallery was excavated in 1684. A narrow-guage train brings students to the heart of the mine, where a short walking circuit allows students to discover the incredible effort put in the underground search for salt springs, or the desalination of rock containing salt, which, was, literally, worth its weight in gold.

Bex Salt Mines

The Grande Dixence at 285m is the tallest gravity dam in the world, with the primary purpose of hydro-electric power generation. A guided tour at the very heart of the dam will explain the construction and current power generation of this feat of Swiss engineering and afford amazing 360° views of the surrounding mountains from an impressive altitude of 2’365m.

Grande Dixence

With constant views of the famous Matterhorn mountain and its glacier scenery, a trip to the world-famous car-free mountain town of Zermatt at 1’620m provides a unique and unforgettable experience for students.


With an air temperature of 28˚, a water temperature of 28˚-32˚, three themed areas with pools and slides as well as saunas and Turkish baths, AquaParc is deservedly popular with students and chaperones alike.


Switzerland is, of course, famous for its chocolate and this excursion will immerse the senses in the world of chocolate and students will learn something of the history of chocolate as well as how it is manufactured in the 21st century. Following the tour through the Cailler factory, there will be the welcome opportunity to sample the company’s world-famous chocolate.

Maison Cailler