Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No question is ever too complicated or trivial for us.

Below are some typical questions from party leaders, with our answers, but if you have a question that isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We try to be as flexible as possible and can consider any length of programme. Generally, a 3-night stay would be considered the minimum and 10-night stay the maximum, but depending on the size of the group, shorter or longer stays could be organised.

Yes, depending on availability of accommodation, we are pleased to offer inspection visits to party leaders. For a nominal fee, which is fully refundable in the case of a booking, we include accommodation, local transport and visits to activity locations. Full details are available on request.

The minimum number of paying participants we accept is normally 20. However, depending on dates, we are often able to combine two or more small, compatible, groups, so party leaders who expect a smaller number of participants should still request a quote for their group.

Yes, we offer free accompanying chaperone places on a ratio of 1:10 paying participants. Different free place ratios are available, on request.

In addition to the free places for accompanying chaperones, up to two bus drivers will be accepted and provided with accommodation and full board (picnic lunches).

Staff members are chosen on the basis of their documented experience of working with children and suitable qualifications. All staff members are thoroughly interviewed to ensure they have the personality, creativity and professionalism we require and must provide at least two independent referees. All staff members must provide recent criminal record checks before they take up employment.

Generally, activity groups are on average 12 children to ensure a safe and fully-supervised environment. For some activities, for example hiking, two or more activity groups are combined.

Generally, activity sessions are 3-4 hours, with two activity sessions each day. For some activities, for example hiking, the activity extends over two sessions.

No. Whilst we encourage chaperones to join in the activities, our counsellors and the specialist instructors and guides will supervise the children from when they leave the chalet/hotel in the morning, until they return at the end of the day.

In the event of an accident, our counsellors will coordinate the response with the local authorities, who will order helicopter evacuation, if necessary. All our resorts have a general practitioner available in the village and excellent hospital facilities are available in Sion.

Vegetarian alternatives are always available at every meal and if we have advance notice, we are able to cater for most special diets. For a small supplement, we are usually able to provide Kosher and Halal meats.

Party leaders will be provided with a room plan detailing the exact room configuration available for their group. Unless special arrangements have been made, chaperones will usually be assigned to twin rooms.

Absolutely. Suitable safety equipment (e.g. helmets, harnesses, etc.) is provided for every activity. Our counsellors and the specialist instructors and guides will carefully explain the use of the equipment and ensure that it is fitted properly.

Typical activities include “counsellor hunt”, “mini-Olympics”, talent show, camp fire, quiz competition and a disco, but the exact programme will be discussed in advance with the party leader to ensure their suitability for the group and reflect his or her own priorities or aims for the trip.