GCSE curriculum support – physical education

Viamonde is pleased to offer full support to those schools who offer skiing or snowboarding as an optional activity in their Physical Education GCSE

We are able to provide the coaching as well the as video facilities and assessment that examination boards require.


Our experienced counsellors will work with the Physical Education teacher to prepare students for video assessment. The result is the highest possible mark for the students and enormous satisfaction for the teacher in the knowledge that he/she assisted in the students’ improvement and development.

Using the Analysis of Performance Process Model, the instructor will use the morning session to explain and perform the skills required by the examination board. It is important that the students understand the requirements of the exam.

Schools should provide their examination body’s assessment criteria before their arrival in resort in order that our instructors may prepare fully for the programme

In the afternoon session, the student will be coached and critiqued while being filmed on video media. The unique advantage of filming is that the student can see his/her own performance and mistakes and bad habits can be corrected more easily.

In the evening, the instructor will review with the student the video material acquired during the day and prepare him/her for the exam the next day.

Students will be examined by the Physical Education teacher in the morning while being filmed on video media by the instructor for the examination board. At lunchtime, the footage will be reviewed to ensure that the students have performed to the best of their ability and if the instructor feels that conditions were not conducive to proper assessment, the examination can be repeated in the afternoon.