Advice for a successful application

We receive hundreds of staff applications every year and whilst skills and experience will always be the most influential factors in our consideration, there are a number of steps applicants can take to maximise their chance of being invited for an interview.


Give a contact e-mail address and write it very clearly to avoid delays in contacting you

Given that applicants apply from throughout the world, in numerous different time zones, we do not generally contact applicants by telephone.


Please be very careful to clearly indicate the symbols “-” and “_” in e-mail addresses.


Include a photo in the standard passport-sized format

Photographs should be attached to the application form and show only the applicant.


Choose referees carefully

You should always ask the permission of referees before completing the application form. Referees should NOT be family members or friends. Choose referees who can comment on your relevant skills and experience. Referees should be able to complete a reference form in English. As we are not able to offer a position until we have received two independent references, to avoid delays you should include an e-mail address for each referee (we will contact them with a link to a reference form on our website).


Give as much information as possible about your previous relevant experience

Obviously, we are looking for applicants with as much previous relevant experience as possible. Applicants should consider using a separate sheet to expand on their relevant education and work experience.


Include resumes only to supplement the application form

Relevant information should be indicated on the application form and a typed resume used only to expand on this. We are looking for applicants who have clearly understood the requirements of the position for which they are applying and have taken time to complete our application form. An application form with “see attached resume” throughout will give the impression that the applicant has not made much effort in his/her application to us.