Gross monthly salary: CHF 4,385 – Convert to other currencies

Approx net weekly salary: CHF 629 – Convert to other currencies

Minimum age: 21

Chefs are responsible for managing the high-quality catering service at our facilities and will prepare nutritious meals for up to 120 clients at breakfast and dinner. Duties include managing a team of domestic staff, ordering and controlling stock and overseeing the food service in the dining room. Chefs must work to strict budgets and within menu guidelines, but are expected to bring creativity and understanding of children’s food likes and dislikes to the operation.


  • Fluent in English
  • Experience in a catering environment, preferably in a supervisory role
  • Recognised catering and food hygiene qualifications an advantage
  • Organised, adaptable, trustworthy, patient and presentable


  • Room and full board
  • Accident and liability insurance
  • Meet similarly-minded young people
  • Establish long-lasting friendships
  • Opportunity to live and work in Switzerland

Net weekly salary is offered only as a guideline to indicate the approximate net salary after tax (for an unmarried person with no dependent children) and other deductions have been made and is subject to change. All salaries are paid at the end of each calendar month in Swiss francs (CHF).

Duties and responsibilities

  • Participate in and contribute to the compulsory training and assessment period
  • Manage the efficient operation of the kitchen and dining room, producing and serving meals to an agreed menu and an agreed budget
  • Supervise the domestic staff assigned to the kitchen and dining room duties
  • Control the arrival inventory of kitchen equipment, tableware, etc. and maintain it throughout the season
  • Control the hygiene of the kitchen on arrival and maintain it to the very highest standards throughout the season
  • Establish and maintain the kitchen stock, ordering through designated suppliers, as required
  • Produce stock inventories and budget analyses, as required
  • Be a role model to the children, acting responsibly and in a caring manner at all times
  • Show understanding of and appreciation for diverse cultural backgrounds within the children, school chaperones and Viamonde staff

Apply for a position

Applicants should carefully review the content of the website to familiarise themselves with the programmes we offer, the resorts where they are offered and then follow the step-by-step application process